PCWL (2015)

The Professional CAW Wrestling League (PCWL) was established on August 1, 2008. SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 used to be the game that was used to make PCWL possible, but in May 2013, the save file for SvR2007 became corrupted on the PS2 memory card, so starting with Doomsday 2013, they switched games to SvR2008 for XBOX 360.

For NXG, which debuted in January 2013, WWE '12 and '13 are the games used in Seasons 1 and 2, respectively. WWE 2K14 was used entirely for Season 3 of NXG, and Season 4 after that on WWE 2K15, Season 5 and 6 on WWE 2K16, and so on. Though it isn't broadcast on YouTube, PCWL is still is one of the best CAW leagues today. Starting with SNE's New Year's Bash on January 4, 2014, all PCWL action is entirely on WWE '13, only using different games on occasion.

PCWL action used to regularly include WWE superstars until August 2012, when "creative differences" between WWE and PCWL led to WWE superstars no longer being included in PCWL shows and events. PCWL immediately remade its intro to include the words, "Then, Now, Forever", on it in response to this announcement.

The last time PCWL used this intro was on SNE's Halloween Special on October 26, 2013. Then, PCWL debuted a new intro at the beginning of its annual Halloween Hysteria on Wednesday, October 30. PCWL's newest intro - mostly inspired by WWE's Ruthless Aggression opening - premiered starting with New Year's Revolution on January 7, 2017. A tenth anniversary update to that same intro debuted with New Year's Revolution on January 3, 2018.

Current Weekly ShowsEdit

Day Show Date of Debut Airing Frequency
Wednesday NXG January 8, 2013


(with hiatuses)

Thursday Heat November 3, 2016 Weekly
Friday Thunder November 4, 2016 Weekly
Saturday SNE November 1, 2008 Weekly

Current ChampionsEdit

Championship Exclusive to Champion(s) Champion(s) Since
PCWL Championship Heat Captain America July 26, 2017
Icons Championship Thunder Gohan July 26, 2017
A113 Championship Thunder Hellboy August 10, 2017
Flaming Skull Championship Heat Chris Danger April 22, 2017
Heat Tag Team Championship Heat The Hulk and Thor July 26, 2017
Thunder Tag Team Championship Thunder Hiccup and Hogarth May 6, 2017

Current SuperstarsEdit

For a full list of PCWL superstars, click here.

PCWL Mega-EventsEdit

Month Name of Mega-Event Exclusive to

The Big Bang Before The Big Game

Both brands

Fully Loaded

Slamboree Heat

March Mayhem

Judgment Day Heat

Gold Rush

Both brands

Spring Stampede

Aftermath Heat
June One Extreme Summer Both brands
July All-American Annihilation Both brands
August Big Birthday Bash

(PCWL's flagship event)

Both brands
Bad Blood Heat
August Assault Thunder

September Showdown

Road Rage Thunder
October Halloween Hysteria Both brands
November Thanksgiving Terror Both brands

Christmas Chaos  

Both brands

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