Iron dragons (2)
The Iron Dragons are a series of trailers and TV spots made by Braydon Wilde, aka Wildethang93. These trailers frequently use footage from the two animated movies, "The Iron Giant" and "How to Train Your Dragon," along with its two main characters, Hiccup and Hogarth. The first Iron Dragons trailer, which is called "Iron Dragons First Class," was posted onto YouTube on February 27, 2011.

List of Iron Dragons trailers and TV spotsEdit

One-Year AnniversaryEdit

The Iron Dragons celebrate their one-year anniversary from Monday, February 27th to Wednesday, the 29th!

Monday, February 27thEdit

All the Iron Dragons mashup videos were shown during Monday Night RAW during the commercial breaks.

Tuesday, February 28thEdit

2K Sports and NBA 2K12 presented The Iron Dragons Basketball Game. Hogarth's Iron Giants beat Hiccup's Dragons 117-115.

Wednesday, February 29thEdit

WWE and PCWL presented The Iron Dragons One-Year Anniversary Mega-Event, a two-hour-long extravaganza which started at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT.

Matches include:

  • Hiccup defeated Hogarth (Iron Dragons Extreme Rules Match)
  • Spider-Man defeated Chuck Norris and Lincoln Six-Echo (Triple Threat Match - New PCWL Champion)
  • Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock defeated Elvis Presley and Indiana Jones
  • Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, and Ricky Steamboat defeated Alberto Del Rio, Christian, and David Otunga